God has given us ( women) the quality or we can say ability or responsibility to build generations. Yes  its obvious it can’t be without the help of a man. Anyways, today my topic on which i am going to talk is about experiencing being a mother of one vs mother of two kids.
Starting from after marriage everyone in our society has eyes on us that when the girl give us good news and when it comes the one who is pregnant is happy and others i don’t know why are 10 times more happy of the good news or they have given a chance to talk about new thing or criticism.
Well every girl’s first pregnancy is sometimes smoot and sometimes consist of some hurdles, like bleeding, bed rest or movement issues etc. Talking about my first pregnancy in short it consist of some bleeding but after 3 months its gone smooth..
Given a birth to a cute little baby girl.
In pregnancy got lots of time to rest, eat good food, read good things etc. Then becoming a mother of a single kid is not so hard, yes its obvious that a big change comes into your life.Now thats not only your life and routine, you have to adjust it according to your baby routine, but its okay  you have to look upon only one baby. You take pictures of every moment, giver her best diet, concern about his\her every action, health. If you see any odd actions you become so curious. Hence, your all concentration is on one baby..
But suddenly if you planned or unplanned become pregnant for the second baby, it become tough for you from the starting and become more tougher at the end because you don’t have to only look after yourself but you have to look after first baby too.
In first pregnancy you got lots of time to sleep, rest and to takje good nutritions but in second time, your mostly time focused on the first baby. Sometimes you got irritated of your condition.
After given birth to second baby, then the stage start where you have to see the reaction of the first baby, your exams starts that how you manage between two infants. You don’t have to ignore anyone of them.
if you living in a joint family and your first baby is attached with their grand parents and your inlaws are co-operative then it’s comparatively easy to handle two kids as compare if you are living neutral.
In my case it’s little bit easy as I am living in a joint family and my elder daughter is very much attached to her grandparents.
But beside all these fact and figures at the end of the day whoever supports you a lot but they are your kids you have to look after them you are responsible of their goods and bads.
As I am experiencing with two daughters sometimes same gender also make handling easy and sometimes not. I have a little difference between my daughter’s almost 1.5 years difference So for me in starting it’s little difficult as my elder daughter is not so old but now when I see these two girls playing with each other and I can give them same meal . It becomes easy for me to handle them.
But sometimes I think that my second baby comes a little earlier as I have to share myself from my elder daughter but God’s know what is good for us. Anyhow handling two infants become irritating somewhile but these babies are my great helpers too…


A house wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters. Jumped in bloggers world to share my lifestyle which i am going through. Writing words of my mind.


  1. I totally agree with this. My first child was breeze. Besides the lack of sleep, everything was easy to do, then once my 2nd came along my whole world changed. My oldest became extra clingy to me and of course I had to give a lot of attention to my 2nd child. I was mentally and physically exhausted the first year with two kids. Thankfully now I’m adjusted better and my kids getting a little older helps them be more independent which really helps.

  2. It is a huge difference going from one child to two, for me I found it actually made things easier having two kiddos.

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