Being a mother is not easy. SLEEPLESS nights, restless days, alone time , hobbies , our own routine all becomes a dream for mother.
As soon as a baby come in world above mentioning start happenings and sometimes it happens in our pregnancy.
Stating my experience, my pregnancy gone good, but as my elder daughter comes all started. But comparivetly to the younger one I don’t have much sleepless nights and restless days with the first.
Talking about my elder daughter, she disturbed me only first three days, I can’t yet find the actual reason but fact she did. But anyways after that my nights gone good. She only disturbed me when she becomes sick, other than she and I had a good time sleepy nights and restful days 😁😊.
Hobbies and own time losts somewhere after becoming a mother, as my all concentration and activities roam around her and house chores ( living in a joint family with newborn sometimes become tough along with work ).
After giving birth to second daughter huh! With her time become tough. She shows me stars in day time….. First three months I gone damn physco, crazy and sometimes rudey because she was a cholic baby and she sleeps all day and stay awake at nights and cry. That makes me crazy because my mind and my body can’t get a proper rest.
Nights awake by younger daughter and days spend handling elder daughter and house chores. My irritating mode was always on after second daughter birth.
But thank God all comes ok. Now I can persue my life with sleepy nights, restful days, also persuing my hobby yah alone time is not yet available as in if it’s available that’s the only late night which I recommend myself to sleep rather than to spoil my mind and body system.
All going good thankfully 😁😊😍😎


A house wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters. Jumped in bloggers world to share my lifestyle which i am going through. Writing words of my mind.

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