A mother is that person who do 24/7 work. Morning till night even over night too.
People thinks that mom is not human being , she is not allowed to get rest. I ask why so is this? Even a machine needs a rest too. The machine needs off too.
So why not their is a day for mom when she will totally take off herself from all responsibilities and work.
In our society we celebrate Mothers day , what’s the purpose of that day I don’t even understand. Is it to make your mother work more asking her that ” Mom today is mothers day so what are you up to or how you celebrating it. ”
And she replies ” Dear as you say”
And we give her a long list of work 😒😶.
Rather then saying ” No mom just take rest.”
Here I mention that some says that no on mothers day we take our mother out for dinner , give her gifts etc..
In my view this is all wastage. We have 24hrs in a day, from that 24 hrs we only let our mother get relaxed for few hrs that we spend out and remaining hours our mother still busy in house chores in double speed alone because as her children’s plan to take her out so she has to finish that time work earlier.
I ask why this formality of taking her out for few hours on mothers day only.
Besides all these formalities it’s better to stay at home and give our mothers complete rest by taking her responsibilities over ourself for one day. Give her mentally and physically rest. Just for one day let her be herself .
These things not necessary to do on mothers day but any day . Mothers are also human beings. They also needs rest. They also deserve to find herself what she actually is.
Mom’s also deserves a day off to make herself fresh and active..


A house wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters. Jumped in bloggers world to share my lifestyle which i am going through. Writing words of my mind.

5 thoughts on MOM ALSO DESERVES AN OFF DAY 🙂😐😃

  1. Yes to this post! I don’t have kids but I am a preschool teacher in a society that makes it the woman’s job to be the primary caregiver for the kids. Moms need a break, they need that “me” time.

  2. Yes! So true. There’s no end to the pile of stuff Mom has to do. A day off would be the greatest gift out there.

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