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Today’s I am not writing an article , I am presenting a situation I front of you guys when after spending time with my kids I finally go in kitchen for dinner preparation and what situation I face not once but on regular basis:
Me ( 7:30 p.m) :OK kids I have given u snacks, played with you, do you want to go washroom or anything else? It’s time for dinner prep so I am going in kitchen.
Kids: NO mom everything is good we are playing and watching t.v and we don’t want to go to washroom.
Me: Ok good
Scene: After offering my prayers went to kitchen. As I started cooking
Elder daughter: Mom I want to go to the washroom.
Me: 😫😫😫 ok let’s go, after getting free with elder asked younger daughter have you done poty as she is not washroom trained and wear pamper.
Younger one: No mom
Me: ok
Scene: Back to kitchen after about 15 minutes the younger one
Younger daughter: Mama I have done poty plzz wash 😁
Me: what the hell 😣😣😣 ok let’s go
Getting free back
Both toddlers shouting and fighting mom mom running after each other panic situation
Me: what the hell is going on, out of temper, shouting and scolding more duhhhh
Kids: sorry Mom and back to play asking is dinner ready we are hungry
Me: speechless and just staring them weirdly 😠😠😠😠😠
Above conversation and scenes are my daily routine don’t know why whatever estimate I decide for dinner prep I always get late just bcz of this and sometime except this phone calls disturbed me 😑😑😑😑😳😳😳😳


A house wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters. Jumped in bloggers world to share my lifestyle which i am going through. Writing words of my mind.


  1. Reading this makes me so glad I’m beyond the stage of diapers and potty training. Although, my kids are 9 & 8, I still have to stop what I’m doing constantly to break up fights and little things. You get used to it πŸ™‚

  2. This read made me giggle because I can relate. Kids do have a way of dragging mom all over the house to do a number of things when we are trying to cook. Then they are they the first ones to ask us if dinner is ready as if we just weren’t sidetracked for hours. Hehe, it does get better though just hang on. The potty training and bottle stages don’t last forever.

  3. When Mom gets busy that’s when everything falls apart. My one kid cannot function like a human being the second I try to do anything. It’s not just you. πŸ™‚

  4. Too good, we have super mommy powers to handle all things like these.. πŸ™‚ My worst experience is when we are already set to eat then one of the kids would say they need to go to the comfort room, lol!

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