You have heard many stories where you came to know that children’s left their parents mother or father in an Old age home, as children’s don’t have much time to take care of them.
But in my article I talk particularly about A Mother who is ignored not by only her children’s but others also from a young age.
Here I share a story of one of my closest relative who lives in a joint family of 5 members and facing these ignored situations.
In her family lives her father and mother law husband and one brother in law. She give birth to a baby girl. First baby if a house so that’s why every one’s star of an eye. As a mother she is so curious about her baby but more then that her family members that if her daughter cries for sometimes no reason just to have her mother or cries late night her laws knocked door and takeaway her bay saying that you can’t take care if a baby rather then to sit beside her make her comfortable and teach how to handle a baby as she becomes a mother for the first time. This step is the first ignorance step by her family members of a motherhood.
As baby girl grown up she is being attached with her grandparents parents. If the girl did some bad things or recalcritate for something, her mother scold her or do not fulfil her wish, beside taking side of mother other family members even father takes side of a baby girl saying that don’t regret her she is so young for that. Another situation of an ignorance of mother. A mother always know what is good or bad for her children’s how to brought them up in good manners because at the end if children’s are not well behaved all blames go to the brought up of a mother whereas she is stopping and trying to give her best but family members did not let her do.
Moving further, when baby is washroom trained and able to go out with others her grandparents parents take her out without her mother, even her mother don’t want to let her go, insisting her and pressuring her to do what they want. Another stage of tramping mother feelings.
Like above there is a long list which my friend shared with me and I was shocked listening her but yes this is the fact.
There are many advantages living in joint family but disadvantages too as some mentioned above.
I am not against living in joint family as I too lived in one, but I am only against these tramping feelings of a mother who love her baby more than others.
The history of leaving or ignoring mothers don’t started from old age but it started from the first day as many people’s are here and there to give useless advices to afamiky members against a mother. ..


A house wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters. Jumped in bloggers world to share my lifestyle which i am going through. Writing words of my mind.


  1. This was a powerful and eye-opening post. Moms do so much yet they don’t get the appreciate or help they need.

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