In 19th century Charles Babbage invented a computer, which was defined as performing different task provided hardware or software in small time and can per form multi tasks without getting tired and hanging out . The generation got very much inspired by it. Time passes out computers changes into laptops mobiles tabs performing same multiple functions by a little bit of charging..
This thing was invented by a human being but from where that human being come from have we ever think that.. I answered that from a women who was her mother..
We people’s are very much inspired by one invention of a human being but we haven’t look upon the greater invention of our GOD that is in the form of MOTHERS.
Have you ever notice how mother works 24/7 hours, and how many duties does she perform at a time. Have you ever noticed her multi tasking ability.
I know your answered may be no unless you are a mother. Actually that’s not your mistakes it’s human nature we are not thankful to the things or a person which we get free. And you know MOM is a multitasker which is present in your life for free.
Here I mentioned if you havent noticed daily multi tasking work of a mother.
She woke up early step into kitchen keep tea on stove while tea getting ready she is collecting ingredients for break fast and lunch box for hubby and kids.
With a cup of tea and one or two slice of bread she is preparing break fast and lunch boxes.
After some hours she again stepping in kitchen for the preparation of lunch and dinner.
In evening also prepare snacks for kids .
After preparing breakfast and lunch she woke up her kids and husband help them getting ready. After they leave she starts cleaning all the mess.
If she had any infant her or his duty started. After getting free, waiting for school kids and then get busy with them
if any laundry she also did that. In evening teach their kids, spend some time with husband. Then came dinner time. Then letting her children into bed. After getting free from husband and children work. She got so tired but still work is left.
Securing kitchen, preparing dresses for morning. Take a look all over the house locking it. And after that finally into the room.
Refreshing herself. Finally into a bed. Setting alarm for morning to again start her multi tasking.

So now tell, isn’t a MOM is also a multi Tasker, performing different functions, following orders getting over hurdles. A single person and multiple works. Without hanging, without getting warm and without shutdowning.
So tell me who is a greater multi Tasker AMom or a computer. Above I have sceneout general situation. But if you are a working mom your tasks are double and if you are living in a joint family then your tasks are triple..
My vote goes to a mother who is a great multi Tasker. . Slute to a mom


A house wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters. Jumped in bloggers world to share my lifestyle which i am going through. Writing words of my mind.

18 thoughts on MOM – A MULTITASKER

  1. I spend most of my day multitasking. It’s exhausting and never seems to end. Sometimes we need to slow down.

  2. I can relate much on this post. When I become a mom, multi tasking became my talent, because a mom really need to multi task to care for the baby, the husband, and the household. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Moms definitely are skilled at multitasking… if they aren’t good at it before becoming a mom, she’ll become good at it after having them!

  4. Motherhood teaches us how to multi-task, sometimes gracefully and effortlessly, and other times we are a wreck, but still, we give all we can. Mothers are very resilient, and through time we come to master multitasking our homes, families, and lives.

  5. The work of a mother is never done. I remember when my kids were little. It was very physical. As your kids grow, it becomes more in the car and emotional. All the stages are good. I am so blessed to be a mom.

  6. The work of a mother is never done. I remember when my kids were little. It was very physical. As your kids grow, it becomes more in the car and emotional. All the stages are good. I am so blessed to be a mom.

  7. Moms are amazing! One of my daughers has two little ones, a just turned two-year-old and a six month old. In addition, she’s a registered nurse, works twelve hour shifts, is a 4-H advisor, and is working on her Master’s degree. The other daughter who has a three-year-old, just graduated from law school. They are amazing multi-taskers, and I am very proud of them both!

  8. I could not agree more. I watch my wife and wonder how she does it every day. We have a 17 and 15 yr old (from my prior marriage) and together we have a 2 yr old. And I tell you what… Momma can take care of it all… at the same time it seems.

  9. When I look at my mother, I always ask if I am going to be that good of a multitasker, but I guess it’s all in our genes. Once we have kids and are in that circle of madness, it’s all up to our instincts and speediness. 🙂

  10. Multi-tasking doesn’t help anyone. I’ve been reading a lot lately about how it’s better to do one thing at a time and do it well.

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