Weekend at mom house

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Weekend at mom house

Title of my blog is little strange, mom and vacations are two opposite things but miracle happens.

Mom is on vacation with their kids. Enjoying ,away from house chores but mom duty is on.

Telling a story of mine, spending two days at my mom’s that is kids grandmother house.

My mom live 7km away from my home in same city. So my husband took me their on 17th august Friday at about 4p.m. reached there kids and grandmother become so happy.

Started playing with toys which their grandmother bought . At about 9p.m decided to go out for some grocery shopping and way back dinner.

So left home me and kids with grandmother and uncle (my brother)

Went to a Mart bought some stuff and then went to a small restaurant ordered bar bq and broast. Enjoyed eating that. As we were enjoying suddenly at about 11:00pm big break down happened in all the city. At that time we did t know that.

After reaching home we got info that their was a huge breakdown in different areas and recovery will take time.

Thankfully generator was on. But all of a sudden at about 1:30a.m generator got off and unfortunately till 4:00a.m we stayed with light and fan. Kids were slept with their grandmother and me giving them cool air with hand fan .

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no doubt my hand started raining but that pain was nothing in front of my mom and kids sound sleep.

Well finally at about 4:00a.m generation got started and I got relief and also went asleep.

Then woke up at 10:00 a .m me and my kids had breakfast. Kids got busy with toys and me with my mom.

At evening my uncle’s elder son called me that he is in my city and wanna come to meet you and will stay at night. I was planned to back home Saturday night but as I received the call from my cousin who I am going to meet after six years made me excited and decided to stay back for one day more.

We have to picked him up from his uncle’s house so went there at about 9:pm and then back home at about 10:15pm.

My elder daughter was slept but the younger one was still awake.

Back home had dinner then changed our night dress catch soft drinks some snacks me my cousin and my mom and obvious my younger daughter also joined us. We chit chat till 3:00a.m after that when we were so tired then went to sleep.

Next morning Sunday woke up late have breakfast plus lunch. Then get ready to go back to our destinations.

I have to reached home and he had to left for a meeting.

So that’s a little but full of excitement and entertainment vacation at my mom’s house..


A house wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters. Jumped in bloggers world to share my lifestyle which i am going through. Writing words of my mind.

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  1. It’s always nice to catch up with relatives we haven’t seen in a long time. I imagine your relatives like keeping up with your daily life through your blog/online diary.

  2. Its always the best feeling when we spent the weekend with my mum. My kids love their time with their grandma and they all get very emotional when they leave towards the end, I always appreciate my mum as she always know what is best for us.

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