Living neutral verses living in joint family

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Living neutral verses living in joint family

I lived in a joint family, in which members are my father in law, mother in law , me, my hubby , kids, my brother in law and his wife and their sweet little baby doll.

As I am a elder daughter in law so their are lots and loads of responsibility and expectations with me, which sometimes really irritates me.

When I become so much exhausted and tired I usually think and wish that why the hell I don’t live neutral. I will be responsible of my owns, I set my work time according to my mood and get rid of others expectations towards me.

But when I talked to those who lived neutral, they said me that you are blessed to live in joint family you have members to support you, you don’t have to always keep an eye on your kids activities etc.

And then I realize yeh I am really blessed. There are members who helped me when I am stucked somewhere. If I want to go out for some work I can leave my kids at home with their grandmother parents. If I am not feeling well, other members took care of my kids and feed them while I takes rest and many more.

Now a days my kids grand parents are not at home for a week and without doubt I am missing support but at some bases I am also mentally relax too.

Actually you know what I am confused that as I am living neutral for a week I am mentally relax but not physically as I have to clean out all mess by myself, rushed to the door whenever door bell rings, attend all phone calls etc.

But when I lived with them I was physically relaxed but not mentally although my in laws are very nice they are not like typical mother in law and father in law they are friendly and supportive too, but still I don’t know what’s the purpose πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’..

You guys tell me in which way you liked to live joint or neutral ….


A house wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters. Jumped in bloggers world to share my lifestyle which i am going through. Writing words of my mind.

17 thoughts on Living neutral verses living in joint family

  1. We live jointly. My family is my mother, my husband and son and my brothers and their girlfriends pop in from time to time. We used to also live with my father who passed away recently. And I completely agree with you. It’s nice to have the support system in place but it’s also frequently unfair in the workload and mentally exhausted from the outer family expectations. My father was in very bad health so that is why we stayed with my mother. He required round the clock care and most of it fell on me and my mother. We are hoping to be able to get our own space soon.

  2. As long as there is love, any family is a good family. I live with a nuclear family, but my mom is just a few blocks away and very involved. I think that family is so important. The idea of the nuclear family is very modern and not necessarily the best option.

  3. Living alone just give independence but living in a joint family give you support, love, helping hands, memories and many other things. So, I am going with a joint family. Btw lovely read.

  4. We live neutral and I love t this way. Up until my daughter was a year old we loved joint and it drove me absolutely crazy. I love being on our own and connecting as a family most days and then being able to see other family when we want to!

  5. Yes my friend you are blessed that you are living in a joint family. The fact is, living together can be the best experience for your soul if it wants to grow, evolve and be liberated.

  6. My in-laws stay with us for almost half the year. It really is so helpful to us with the kids and house care. My father-n-law loves doing yard work so less for me. My mother-n-law loves to clean, especially laundry so less for me (I do the laundry, my wife hates it).

    For example, I am also a baseball coach. Today I am coaching a game. If they were not here I would have to find someone to watch my 4 year old daughter. Because they’re here there’s no need.

    Yes at times my mother-n-law can drive people crazy with her complaining but I just ignore it. And they do things differently than I would a lot but I don’t let that bother me either.

  7. I am living in neutral family. But I love Joint families very much. You are really lucky to enjoy the fullness and joy of joint family. I wish I would get married to a joint family. It will be very relief to know there’s someone other to take care of our children in our family.

  8. Beautiful thought…I myself wrote on the subject a couple of months back…interesting subjects..both have pros and cons….but then actual growth is when you are on your own…living as a nuclear family doesn’t mean cutting of from the routes …the emotional connect should always be maintained by regular visits and the internet…
    Stay blessed Anzzah

  9. For us Filipinos, its in our culture to live in an extended family. For me personally it’s always depend on the way you have grown. Extended family is more merrier but there are downside like some of your family members tend to be dependent which isn’t good though. I think what’s important is as long as it’s not toxic to each one family member then there’s nothing wrong with it.

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