We are mom’s not hitlers


We are mom’s not hitlers

The reason why I chose this topic is because sharing my experience and views when other people’s interfer and give unnecessary advices , talk shitty about handling kids etc.

We are mothers, and mothers know better about their kids.

*What to give them and what to not.

* How to deal with them in different circumstances.

* What is good for them and what is bad.

And many more.

There are some phases when kids behave rudely and don’t listen to parents. Once we handle them politely secondly by scolding and punishing them and if there comes no positive results we definitely have to hit him but softly.

I am against of hitting but when sometimes all other methods gone failed I have to use this hitting method because kids haven’t left any choice for me.

And that time when we teaching our kids manners others says

“Don’t teach them now they are so small.”

Kids age between 2-4 years are not too small to teach them manners 😒😒 I think that when they know how to operate cell phones, when they know poems even when they know names of different foods we feed them than in my eyes they are not small to teach manners and tell them about their good and bad behaviours.

If child misbehave in front of others, if they don’t listen their elders all blame goes to a mother why I asked why that so. When the same mother trying to teach their kids those people shows so much sympathy towards kids 😣😣 so then where that sympathy gone.

That’s not the end people’s also interfer and gives their stupid advices about feeding kids. That what product should be given to them and what to not. Actually that’s not the advice but that’s in forced on mothers.

Gossips on kids timetable and else.

Here I mention that after reading above don’t get me wrong that I am against advices and help from other people’s or elders.

No doubt elders are well experienced and other people’s tell their experience. To give advices and to share experiences are good things.

But I am against forcefully implements on kids and mothers.

That’s irritates me alot 😒😒😒.

For those people’s I said that

We are mom’s not Hitler’s, neither a dumb , deaf and stupid person’s or a robot.”


A house wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters. Jumped in bloggers world to share my lifestyle which i am going through. Writing words of my mind.

5 thoughts on We are mom’s not hitlers

  1. The more kids I’ve had the more I have matured into giving my kids and other people’s kids grace. It’s so important to not force your will on others and to offer advice in truth and love!

  2. Being a mom is a hard job. Everyone is a critic and can always tell you how to do it better. Wouldn’t be nice to just be told you’re doing a great job instead?

  3. Thank you for this post. I have seen how my cousins struggle to bring up their kids. But they have immense patience and try to imbibe good values in their kids.

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