The question was running in my mind It is necessary for a women to be financially stable to be strong? Few months ago. Which now I present in a form of my blog.

As, I was lying on a bed one day trying to sleep but can’t. It’s my habit or nature whatever you can say that whenever I am in this kinds situation the only thoughts or scenes comes in my mind are about my life present, past and future.

I just started thinking of who was I in past, what I wanted to be in past, what situations gone through and what is the impact of my past on my present and what next now…….

You know when we were kids we have ambitions to be some personality like doctor, engineer, fashion designer etc…

We work hard for it but sometimes it worked out but sometimes not. I was also one of them. I read stories of girls who studied hard, go abroad for studies, support their families, follow their dreams etc.. I want one of those girls in my own way. I don’t want to live my life like a typical one but it didn’t happen. I gone through the same typical situation, studies, graduate and then married, reason economical issues and no doubt social pressure…

Now as I am happily married have two kids still don’t want to be a typical married life ‘No productive and self work.’

Don’t want to do cooking only as that’s not me I want to explore myself.

I know that I am a hard-working girl I can do things of my choice and manage my house and work both yes this is a fact that I cannot step out of my house to do job but can do things as home job..

Well searched searched then decided to step into this blogging world, to right my feelings in words , to share my thoughts with others to learn from others but you know what still the same financial issue come across me for this job also . I have started my journey with free plan but as you know there is nothing for free in this materialistic world any how free plan didn’t work so from my little savings just will to buy a domain still free hosting . As I am e Sid free things never work so free hosting site sometime down so no work then..

Like these there are other situation where I literally think that I should have some amount of my own to spend on me freely without any questions and answeres..

To be confident, to be myself not need support to enhance my personality these all factors make me believe that it is necessary for me to be financially stable..

We all go through some hard times in our life we want some emotional support but you know what emotional support is not the complete cure of any sadness a d hurdles…

We can’t buy everything from money . It’s true money is not a life , but this is also a fact that for settle and happy life money matters alot…

If I talk about myself I am not going through any financial loss . My husband fullfill all my wishes but sometimes I feel bad and embarrass to ask him for every little thing and when at that time he can’t full fill it I feel very helpless… Whatever he do I pay heartly gratitude for that….

At some step I thought that if a women want to be recognized individually so she should be financially stable to invest in her dreams freely to gain something…

So a big yes from my side that to be strong enough and to stand self esteemed and confident one should be talented as well as financially stable…

I have posted this question in a on Facebook named as Pakistani Lady Blogger (PLB), I am a great fan of this group and their lovely and supportive members. The ladies commented on my post and majority answered me yes and some no are also there…

Those ladies stated some points which I am sharing with you

1: financial stable women can take decisions of herself easily.

2:it reinforce empowerment.

3: assurance in capabilities

4: it makes women confident.

Hence there are also ladies who say no to this question and I definitely respect their thoughts too……

But majority is with yes an so do I….


A house wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters. Jumped in bloggers world to share my lifestyle which i am going through. Writing words of my mind.

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