Importance of thankyou & sorry


Importance of thankyou & sorry

Now a days there is so much competition and we are willing to move fast and forward from others, to be better than else hence become emotionless.

Future will be tougher and advanced from now.

I am seeing that so elders as well as in kids egoistic nature is present and definitely they inherit this from their elders.

As we know that Sorry and Thank you these two words are also known as one of those listed magical words. We can recover all queries matters difficulties sadness happiness etc by using these two words. And those who are pissed of can also be made friends again.

It is important and great to used these words in our life and also let children’s know the importance of these words.

My elder daughter Ayza earlier didn’t like to say sorry and thank you to anyone, I don’t know as she feel shy or what but she don’t and I don’t like this kinds of her attitude. Firstly I got little bit worried I don’t want to force her to use these words I want to teach her that how and when to use these words should be or necessarily.

Then I started to make my habit to say these words on needed situation and pointed out to her that look this happened so I say sorry you or someone else give me this so I say thankyou. You also do this. It is good and other will become happy from you.

Thankfully, this trick worked plus i also let her watched “sorry” and “Thankyou” related kids videos on youtube as a purpose of entertainment and teaching. Pointed out too at the end what the purpose of the video is. she got inspired from those videos. And whenever she use these magical words she mentioned “Look mama i used these magical words.” and yes i appreciate her a lot.

All these things are also applied to my younger ones.

I also develop the habit of saying these words among themselves also..

Thankfully i got positive results of my work..

We mothers always wanted to teach good lessons, habits to our kids. For this it would be really helpful and easy to apply in our routine life. Because kids follow their parents and whatever their parents do and say they picked up easily.

And also let them know advantage and disadvantage of those lessons, habits or any activity you want them to learns. I t helps them a lot for clearing image of it.

These all things are also a part how we build up our kids personality.

We should never say that this person is big or that person is small, no one is disparage from else all are equal, each one has his / her own importance. So never hesitate to use these magical words to others.

Here i also share with you a craziest incident of mine regarding these magical words.. Once i was passing a car suddenly a dog came across me i said un intentionally sorry to him and let him pass first how foolish !

Next once i was busy doing some house chores, suddenly i got hit by a chair again i said sorry to the chair, my elder ones was watching me she laughed and said mama why are you saying sorry to chair.

Concluding my blog by saying that to teach good things kids it is necessary to taught yourself first. You will and should be a role model of anything in front of your kids.

If we do good deeds, they follow us for sure.

All things takes time. learning process and to teaching kids also takes time but you will be never fail if you do it happily not for the sake of only full filling responsibilities.

So best of luck and teach your kids.



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